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Standing on the edge

Protests?  "Parking lots"?  Vandalism?!?

My company closed its offices today due to "ongoing safety concerns".  One of my coworkers said they kept receiving multiple bomb threats, and a couple of suspicious packages were found.  One actually had some firecrackers in it, with a note saying it was a warning shot.  He said that was the final straw, and until further notice we're all supposed to work at home.   He also said it was recommended we "keep a low profile".  I think they just want to see if it was an inside job or not.

Let me go on record saying this is almost as unhelpful as the Secretary's speech last week.  Who do you think your harming by disrupting gas stations, burning cars, and threatening businesses?  It isn't the ones responsible for this, that's for sure (if there's even anyone to really blame but ourselves).  You're just hurting your neighbors, the ones trying to keep this world on its wheels when all the bolts have flown loose.  Put that energy in something useful, like what my community is doing.

It's obvious this isn't going to get better, so my neighbors and I have started a food bank of sorts.  Everyone chips in either money or garden output.  With the money we take a vehicle and load up on groceries (the lobster here, just bread, milk, meat, and any veggies we can't grow).  We then store it and dole it out based on input.  You get what you put in.  It eliminates the need for multiple trips to the store, and it puts us all on a more controlled food situation.  The stores still have stuff, if you're willing to pay for it.  I'm actually giving some of my allowance to a family here who can't afford as much.  It's amazing how much compassion a crisis can bring out.

We've also instituted a strict neighborhood guard.  We live on the outskirts of town, so it's easy for us to see who's coming and going.  24 hours a day we have people stationed at the entrances to the neighborhood.   If you don't have a reason to be here, you don't get in.  We want it understood that this is a safe zone...any troublemakers will be dealt with.  Yeah, sounds harsh, doesn't it?  We learned quick after some jerks tried to siphon gas and it took the cops an hour to get here.  The criminals got away, and we realized that we would have to look after ourselves.  Welcome to the Wild West, circa 2007.  The government isn't going to help you, the corporations aren't going to help you.  You have to take care of yourselves now.

I'll blog more later.  Just remember that violence and anger aren't going to solve anything.  Find solutions, don't cause more problems.
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